We like to do things differently, to challenge the status quo.


We are a London based team who are passionate about sustainability.

We use organic cotton, recycled and re-purposed fabrics in all of our garments. It should go without saying, everything is ethically sourced, with transparency and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We believe in zero compromise, because why shouldn’t we? Gone are the days of having to choose between quality design and the impact you make on the environment. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we do pledge to evolve and grow, with you. To do the best that we can do, right now. With a focus on circular design, innovative fabric and washing techniques, we are committed to making a difference to the fashion industry, so that your style does not cost the earth.

People, Planet and Product.

We are committed to working closely with all our suppliers to minimize our impact. We have a Code of Conduct, but what does that mean? We work throughout our supply chain to monitor and audit factories and partners to ensure our core values of transparency and accountability are upheld at every stage. How do we do that? Working closely with NGOs (Non-Government organisations), together with regular factory visits to ensure that labour standards, as well as legal and ethical compliance requirements are fulfilled. We check to ensure the workers are supported in a healthy, safe and fair environment. Fashion can be problematic. We want to help eradicate these systemic industry issues. Together we can do better. This means looking at the whole picture - people, planet, and product. See our Code of Conduct here.

Recycle, Re-Purposed, Repeat.

Product and planet are at the forefront of everything we do. Driven by a circular economy model, we recycle, re-use and repeat. We strive to create from fabrics that already exist, to reduce the need to create something ‘new’.

From recycling plastic bottles to create our statement beanies, did you know each beanie is made from 3 plastic bottles?

Sustainability Damson Madder

Our motto? Waste not want not. And, where we can’t recycle or re-use, we use the Organic Cottons to ensure we are working as ethically and sustainably as we can be at every stage.

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The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is one of the best accreditations around for recycled fibres. It is a full product standard that dictates social and environmental best practises plus also verifies positive social and environmental production within the facilities. Their main aim is to increase the percentage of recycled content in products whilst minimising the harmful impact of production on the people and our planet.

Our aim at Damson Madder is to increase our recycled percentage in our garments for a more circular approach to our business.

If you want to learn more about the certifications, click here.



The Global Organic Textile Standard is a gold star standard for the sustainable processing for verifying organic fibres. At least 70% of organic fibres must be used in a GOTS certified garment. You will see the logo proudly placed on the product descriptions where we have fully certified organic garments.

Don’t just take our word for it, check them out here.


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We work closely with our suppliers to try and be an environmentally friendly as possible. Deadstock is vintage, excess or discontinued fabric that is left over and hasn’t sold. If you see the ‘deadstock’ logo on our garments, this means that we have rescued fabric that was destined for landfill.


Jeanologica: EIM Score

Minimising processes is key to reducing unnecessary energy usage, so we use the latest Jeanologica technology to make our finishing as energy efficient, as is currently possible. By using Jeanologia EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement software system) we are ensuring that we maximise our ability to reduce energy, water and harmful chemicals used. We worked really hard to ensure all of our denim range scored low impact on their scale to ensure the environmental performance is as good as it can be.

What is EIM? It is a self-accreditation tool aimed to improve the environmental performance of jean finishing at the manufacturing stage. EIM software is specific for the denim garment finishing industry. It has been created to provide laundries and garment finishers, all over the world with an instrument to help them build more sustainable processes.

To read more about Jeanologica and EIM click here.

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Sustainable Denim Laundry.

At Damson Madder the denim laundry that we work with uses just 20-35 litres of water per pair of jeans as opposed to conventional laundering which uses around 100 litres. Having up to 30% recycled cotton across our denim collection, allows us to reduce up to 100% of the water and up to 98% of the energy that we use, compared to conventional cotton. Recycled cotton is a really important part of our wider premise to ensure we are consistently designing with the circular economy in mind, by ensuring we are keeping materials in use for as long as possible. 

Throughout the collection, we replace harmful chemicals in our finishing processes with ozone, and laser technologies for sustainable wash effects. Alongside this, single fibres are used throughout the collection to further elevate our circular design principles making all garments more easily recyclable, as a result.  With no elastane, all of the fabrics are also 100% biodegradable. 

We Care, You Care.

Did you know that 11% of a garments total emission comes from how it is cared for once it is made?

Here are some top tips for sustainable washing:

Storage: Store your clothes in well ventilated spaces to try and keep odours at bay. Wash less: This is the most sustainable way to care for your clothes!

Machine wash: Always wash at 30. Use a guppy bag to catch any microfibres that may shed. Also use an Ecoegg or soap nuts instead of washing powder for chemical free cleaning.

Spot clean: For those little accidents or marks, take a damp cloth and dab those little marks away.

Sunshine: Did you know that the sunshine is a natural stain remover?

Refresh: You can make a homemade refresher spray from 50% fabric conditioner 50% water to give your clothes a freshen up.

Fresh air: Dry in the sunshine and make the most of mother nature – just remember to turn inside out to prevent your colours fading in the sunshine. Just 30 minutes of fresh air can neutralise any whiffs.

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