SOJO_WEB_1.jpg__PID:28f6ef25-06d9-47e0-8b84-67e7683ab44fSOJO_WEB_2.jpg__PID:d6bb7282-b3a2-457f-af40-bbc127f8f67fSOJO_WEB_3.jpg__PID:aa15fdfb-6869-47dc-95af-ffb1b9cd7536SOJO_WEB_4.jpg__PID:2506d9b7-e00b-4467-a768-3ab44f1c40ddSOJO_WEB_5 (1).jpg__PID:dbc905af-15e4-430e-ab82-5843ee6688c2Artboard – 13@2x@2x.jpg__PID:ad4ef77d-5c89-4f7d-af32-8f1605d3ba4bCODE OF CONDUCT    Alongside our third party audits, our partner factories must all adhere to the Damson Madder code of conduct which lays out the basic foundations that all partners must comply with.  We aim to ensure that the rights of workers in our supply chain are respected and protected. Prohibition of all forms of modern slavery, including child labour, forced labour, bonded labour and the protection of human rights is fundamental to who Damson Madder are and what Damson Madder stands for. This forms a key part of Damson Madder’s Code of Conduct.   Employment is freely chosen Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected Working conditions are safe and hygienic No discrimination is practised Regular employment is provided No harsh or in-humane treatment is allowed Child labour shall never be used Working hours are not excessive HOW TO CARE FOR OUR PRODUCT   We know that the responsibility for limiting our garments' negative impact on the world around us falls squarely on our shoulders, and not on the end consumer.    Our clothes are designed and made with longevity in mind, however there are a few simple things you can do to extend the life cycle of your Damson garments, care for them with minimal impact; and make responsible choices on what to do with those pieces you eventually do part ways with.   Wash Less Spot clean when you can get another wear out of a garment, and always wash full loads.  Frequent washing wears clothes out over time; wear it one more time and protect the fibres and colours.  Wash Cold  Heating water uses 90% of the energy needed to run a washing machine.  Washing clothes at 30 or below not only saves energy, but also protects your garments from shrinking, fading and releasing microfibres.  Wash Inside Out  A simple but effective way to minimise wear and tear; ensuring the fibre structure on the visible surface is rinsed more gently.  Wash with eco-detergent and skip the fabric softener Traditional detergents and softeners often contain microplastics and environmentally harmful toxins.  Switch to an eco-conscious detergent and you might also protect your skin from irritation, and your clothes from harmful chemicals.  Donate or Sell-on We hope you’ll never be through with your favourite piece of Damson clothing, but when you are; ensure you donate or sell-on garments that have life left in them, so someone else can enjoy them where you left off.     Recycle If you and your long-loved Damson piece have had a little too much fun together, look up your nearest recycling point or textile bank who will process and recycle clean & dry clothing and textiles for free.
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